There are so many people like me who want to blog but do not able to start for long due to lack of technical knowledge. I also faced the same issue for so long but when I figured out how to create a wordpress platform by searching through the different website and YouTube video I found it extremely easy. In fact you do not need any kind of technical knowledge to set up a blogging platform.


Today I will be sharing how we can create the WordPress blogging platform in just half an hour. WordPress blogging platform setup includes the flowing main step :


  • Domain name selection and purchase
  • Hosting
  • WordPress themes installation
  • Plugins


Domain name :

A domain is a unique name that identifies your site on the world wide web like There are so many sites where you can check for unique name and buy it through the usual process of adding to the kart and checking out. There are so many sites that also provide a free domain that may not be the name you are looking for but for the testing and starting the platform without spending too much is essential in the beginning.

There are some of the hosting company that provides a free domain that can be used for some period of time. Freenom is one of the hosting company that provided 3 months of free domain name with the extension like .tk/.ml/.ga/.cf/.gq .

How to get a free domain for three months – Freenom

Hosting :

To keep it simple hosting is taking a server (a computer with little high performance than our personal computer)  that has an unique IP address. This server is directly connected to the internet. The installation of different software is being taken cared by the hosting provider company. Do not worry about the different technical stuff that is involved in making your web server ready as our main aim here to create a platform for blogging not to understand technology. In some different series of article or tutorial videos, I will go in detail about creating your own WordPress hosting.

Coming to the main agenda to buy hosting there are so many hosting provider companies where you can visit and buy cheap shared WordPress hosting through the usual process of online purchase. The process involves the following steps :


  • go to the WordPress hosting section of the hosting provider company site
  • choose your plan and add the plan to your cart.
  • Pay the bill and checkout


After the purchase completion, the hosting provider will take some time to set up the WordPress environment for you. It will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes and at the end, you will get the detail link to open the tool to manage your WordPress site. It generally includes cpanel, WordPress admin panel, and PHPMyAdmin. Some hosting provider also provides their custom admin panel. most of the hosting provider does not provide cpanel as it is not a free software but you get WordPress admin panel, PHPMyAdmin and custom admin tool to manage the file and other services. Most of the free hosting will provide you with some of the free services but if you want to personalize your  WordPress site then you need to purchase the plan.

Create a free WordPress Hosting on cloudaccess .

WordPress themes installation :

Now you have your server ready you can go to your domain address/ wp-admin, it will redirect you to the WordPress admin console. This console is being used to do everything from writing posts to giving permission, managing user etc. As a blogger, you will be mostly using the WordPress admin panel.

Learn How to install WordPress theme.


Plugins :

Now comes the plugin. There are many stuff like social media, like or subscribe button, SEO etc that is very much necessary for a blog to keep users engaged. these plugin will help you to achieve that . the installation of plugin is as simple as installing mobile app.

If you follow these step you will create the platform in half an hour. Subscribe to my youtube channel and watch the full video to create a blogging platform in half an hour.


Learn How to install plugins

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