If you are very new to WordPress blogging or just started you may not be worried about the site backup. Generally blogger get serious about taking backup to their site after two to three month of blogging when they have a good number of content . Fear of losing the content if something go wrong to the server leads to take decision on backing up the WordPress site.


If you are looking to take backup of your WordPress site then you are at right place . In this article I will explain how to take backup of WordPress site manually  and  different steps involve in it . This article will explain in detail each steps involve in the process .


Different ways can be used to backup word press site :


  1. Automatic backup through plugin to any cloud platform .
  2. Automatic backup by any service provider.
  3. Manual backup


Automatic backup can be achieve either storing the files to any cloud platform or taking subscription to any backup service provider . If you opt for the first you may have to pay cloud platform for storage and if you opt for second option then you have to pay to your service provider  and the service provider will take care of every thing .  In both the cases you have to pay some amount monthly depending upon your subscription plan .


At the initial stage of blogging I will not suggest you to spend more money on backup and increase you monthly expenditure on WordPress platform . Taking WordPress backup manually and storing the files at local machine is the alternate option that i suggest . It is very easy to take backup manually and there is no cost involve in the process , you just need to spend small amount of time every time you want to take backup.


There are two main component of the WordPress blogging platform that was created at the time of installation are WordPress file system that starts with wp_ and generally present at public_html directory on the server location and the second one is the database component .  The  manual WordPress backup involves two main process listed below .


  1. WordPress File Backup
  2. MySQL Database backup


WordPress File backup :

The WordPress file backup involve the connection your server through the ftp client tool like filezilla or winscp and downloading the zip folder containing WordPress file.  In this article i will use filezilla to connect to the server you can use any ftp client of your choice . The process to download the file involve the below steps :


  1. Connect two the server through Ftp client tool :
  2. Zip the folder containing WordPress file.
  3. Download the zip folder


MySQL Database backup :

The MySQL database backup can be achieve by  connecting  the database through phpmyadmin tool and exporting the database SQL file . You can also take the backup of the database by using any open source ETL tool and  store the WordPress table data to local database in your machine but that is more complicated process .  The easy and more user friendly process is to export the SQL file and store it in the local machine. The process of taking  SQL backup involves :


  1. Connect database through phpmyadmin tool.
  2. Export the SQL file for the whole database.






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